Music Magic at Wild Wings Cafe in Asheville

Wild Wings Cafe of AshevilleThe whole Western North Carolina area and especially Asheville has a rich music scene and I love being smack in the middle of it! You don’t often think of a commercial chain supporting something like roots music but in Asheville it happens! It’s an interesting pairing but in Western North Carolina it’s perfect.

The place I am thinking about is the regular gig we play at Wild Wing Café in downtown Asheville, NC.

Many of you know that I play regularly with the bluegrass band Balsam Range, and I love it, but a couple of Tuesdays every month I get to do something very special to me, and that’s the opportunity to play traditional country and bluegrass music with the Darren Nicholson Band. It’s a side project for me that include another wonderful cast of musicians. They are some of my dearest friends that I hadn’t seen much the past few years due to a crazy road life.

The band is Kevin Sluder (acoustic bass/vocals); Griff Martin (guitar/vocals); Richard Foulk (percussion); and myself playing mandolin and singing as well. Also,we are excited to announce that we’ve now added a 5th member to the band, bluegrass legend Steve Sutton on banjo. Steve is a 3-time Grammy nominee whom I have had the honor and pleasure to perform and travel with for 5 years, and I feel like magic happens when we play together so it’s a perfect fit.

Wild Wing Café is wonderful for many reasons; great food, drink, atmosphere. But a special twist is that we get to bring a style of music into a venue not really known for that. It’s great because lots of people who come in aren’t necessarily bluegrass fans, but we hope maybe they’ll stumble in on something unique and like what we’re doing. Hopefully we are serving as ambassadors for this music we love.

We play from 7-9pm on select Tuesdays which are great for all crowds. It has a wonderful mix of folks from college students to families to bluegrass fans. Everyone is welcome! The type of bluegrass and country music we play there definitely sounds like 50’s and 60’s era bluegrass and country (which at the time were basically one music form). You’ll hear the sounds of Jim and Jesse, the Osborne’s, George Jones, and Flatt & Scruggs. It has a truly traditional flavor and style that you can’t hear anywhere else these days.

They are the legends who inspire us and it comes out in our music. When you come, you might hear everything from Eric Clapton tunes to traditional songs so old we can’t trace the origin, but we try to hit on something for every listener. And don’t forget our special guests who sit in form time to time like Eddie Rose, Bill Byerly, and Jennifer Nicholson.

I feel so strongly about their food, service, and atmosphere that it’s the only venue I play regularly in Asheville. It’s been great to take our music to such a great place! Come see The Darren Nicholson Band at Wild Wing Café some Tuesday.

Wild Wing Café is located on Biltmore Avenue in Asheville and music starts at 7pm. The schedule can be seen at or at

Stop by and join us for some food while you listen and be sure to say Hi during the breaks.

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